This software was built with Processing during the Fall 2006 semester at ITP in Danny Rozin's project development studio. The parsing, spidering, and Bayesian filtering code comes directly from Dan Shiffman's courses: Programming from A to Z, and The Nature of Code.

Is the end near?

How would we know if it was? Do the new modes of information exchange that we're constantly inventing exacerbate our anxieties? Or is millennialist paranoia some sort of cultural constant? Of course, these questions are difficult, if not impossible to answer. So i'll take a wild guess: as communities continue to become defined more by common ideologies rather than common geographies and as ideological contrasts become further exaggerated as a result, we become less able to identify with each other because our world-views are simply becoming less compatible. In other words, the more we choose to spend our time conversing with people who are interested (or worried) about exactly the same things that we are, in relatively tiny but globally dispersed communities, the more we feel like the rest of the world is just plain crazy. This software looks for conversational language on the web based on a search query and generates large-format social landscapes using a set of programmatic drawing assets.